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Hi, Welcome to my page!
People call me Stone, Short for StoneTemplePilot, or just Retro. I am a collector of physical media, CDs, DVDs, Blurays, Games, you name it, i probably have it.
I love all things gaming and am a VR enthusist. I attempt to play music in my free time when I am not consuming media.
I also am interested in cars, although I have nothing impressive.
I attempt to code things sometimes. Oh I'm also a Furry.
Now that you know a little about me you can find more information on links in the side bar.

Now onto how this site came to be and my vision for it.
I personally have always liked the aesthetic of pure HTML I knew if I made myself a personal page at some point that would be how I go about it.
One day I was watching a youtube video parody of 90s "Welcome to the internet" type videos and I noticed a link in the video so I decided to type it in for the lols and to my suprise it was a real link.
It redirected me to a different page that said NeoCities, so I was like wait holy shit that is cool as fuck. So I looked into it a little more and it turns out it is a revival of GeoCities.
At that exact moment I knew what I must do, NeoCities was a match made in heaven for my pure HTML dream and that is how this site came to be..